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week in review: all about the books

Linking up with Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets for the Week in Review.


I feel like I was super-productive this past week!

I worked slightly less than 40 hours at the day job…but those hours included two major issues with a pair of crazy people at work. Seriously. Crazy. Question:  First, you’re mad because you don’t get your way. Then you’re mad because you got your way. Finally, you act like a toddler throwing a tantrum, refuse to leave when you’re asked, and proceed to disrupt 10 other patients and staff with your antics, while demanding that two people get fired because they don’t know what they’re doing…yet you refuse to transfer. If this was really all about the level of care you’re getting—and not trying to make yourself feel important—wouldn’t you go elsewhere?



Moving on.

I finished the draft of that huge report due for class. 21 pages. Now, I have two weeks to refine it, add graphics, and make it pretty. Yay for not procrastinating!

I got my email down to a manageable 30 unopened items…

I reviewed The Beautiful Ones, Murder Over Mochas, Lilac Lane, and Firebrand, and a post on What I Read in October.

I read—in their entirety—The Dark Intercept, Rosemarked, The Austen Escape, The Taking, The Replaced, and The Countdown, as well as starting The Seventh Decimate, The Zombie Gospel, Animal Farm, and From Sand and Ash.

The six books I read completely were fantastic! I’ll be reviewing the first three, but the second three were for pure pleasure. I bought The Taking several months ago, used, and finally picked it up. Then couldn’t put it down until I finished the entire thing. So I immediately bought The Replaced and did the same thing. Ditto for The Countdown. I love YA books, and add in the idea of disappearing for 5 years and having no memories of the time passed, falling in love with your now-ex-boyfriend’s little brother (who HAS aged in the 5 years while YOU have not), and alien abductions, and well, I was hooked! Also, I want somebody to draw chalk pictures for me…

Let’s see, apart from that and a sort-of-maybe breakthrough in a personal issue, that’s it for the week.


2 thoughts on “week in review: all about the books

  1. I’m curious about the break through and keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    Sorry about the nonsense at work; that never really goes away no matter where you work. You just get better at handling it. And you read lots to drown out your sorrows or angst. 🙂

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