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tol: why?


Linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons today.

  1. It’s been a long week for me, and I really have one thing one my mind:Vacation is next week! And by “vacation,” I mean me and the BFF are headed to Tulsa for the Route 66 Half marathon. Which we will be walking, since she has a broken toe and we’ve both slacked off (completely) on  training. Motivation, where are you? Please come back after Thanksgiving…
  2. Yesterday, I discovered that Starbucks has Snickerdoodle Hot Chocolate. What? Where has this been all my life? Also, I’ve never had a hot white chocolate before, but I’m an enthusiastic convert.

snickerdoodle hot chocolate

        There should be angels singing here…Snickerdoodles are my hands-down favorite cookies ever, so I was super excited about this discovery. Yum.

3. Why are people so…ugly to each other? Seriously. Why? This is giving me problems this week, sigh….





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