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week in review: grief


Linking up with Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets for the Week in Review.

Last week was centered on only one thing:  the loss of my friend last Monday.

I got word Monday morning that he was going into multiple organ failure, and according to his wishes, the family had decided to discontinue all medical interventions.

He passed within a few minutes.

Besides working my three days, I haven’t really done much of anything the past week. I decided that giving myself a break was the healthiest action.

I did read As You Wish and The Wolves of Winter. Both were good, but I thought The Wolves of Winter was a phenomenal read. I’ll be reviewing both in the future.

I went to the memorial on Saturday. As my friend decided to donate his body to science—such a him thing to do—there wasn’t a funeral. Instead, they had a get-together, complete with food, drinks, and loud music. Very apropos.

Sunday morning, The Saint and I went to church, and then hit The Beacon Cafe for their buffet. In addition to being located in the middle of an airport community—they had airplane parking—the cafe made omelets and pancakes to order right in front of you. One of their specialties is pineapple upside down pancakes:


Yes, that is caramel sauce on top, not syrup.

About that low-carb diet…


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