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week in review: new year/new you?

Linking up with Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets for the Week in Review.


I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year. Mine was fine. Very low key. The temps dropped on New Year’s Eve, down into the 20s, which does not happen in this part of Texas very often. And it was damp and drizzly, so we had icy roads by that afternoon. I was extremely grateful for my 30-second commute–literally–and took myself home, where I stayed in fuzzy pajamas and didn’t leave my apartment for two days. It stayed pretty cold all week, but yesterday and today were in the 60s, so now I’m wearing shorts…

This week was pretty laid back. We worked New Year’s Eve, Wednesday, and Friday, so I had two weekends. My schedule will be changing soonish, though, as I’ve been…offered the opportunity to see if I want to take the Assistant Facility Administrator position. This means for two months, I’ll continue to work my current schedule, plus do the weekly conference calls and monthly meetings, as well as a few assorted new tasks. Then, if I decide I want to pursue the position—almost a given—I’ll go to working 5 days/40 hours in a salaried position with limited direct patient care. This is all under my current awesome boss. The training period will last 6 months or so, then, in theory, I’ll be ready to take over my own clinic.

I have one more week before classes start, so I’m trying to take advantage of my current “free time.”

I tried out a few new recipes this weekend, including these low carb/keto biscuits:


Bad picture, but these turned out really tasty!

And this picture convinced me I need to do some organizing/tidying/throwing away throughout the apartment, so I’m working on that.


Baby Brother sent me this pic:


I haven’t seen these myself yet, but he knows I’d have to try these. I’m a huge fan of chocolate and hazelnut. Yes, please. His willpower is too strong for him to eat these himself, but he buys all the new flavors and sends them to his girlfriend, who does MMA and might actually kick his butt for this.


4 thoughts on “week in review: new year/new you?

  1. Well, this new job potential sounds pretty ideal, no? Like Meg said, some work to get there, but it all sounds pretty exciting to me! Congratulations!?!

    If I were a hazelnut fan I’d be all over those oreos. Though, nothing beats the original. Dipped in milk. Always.

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