week in review: it’s all a blur

Linking up with Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets for the Week in Review.


Last week was busy.


-worked 5 days, 47 hours at the job. Granted, one of those was only 3 hours, for a   meeting, but still.

-read 3 chapters and 12 articles (all were at least 10 pages long and one was 44 pages) and watched 6 videos (4 were less than 5 minutes, 1 was an hour, and 1 was an hour and a half) for my Media & Terrorism class. Then tried to answer the 4 discussion questions. Note: I managed to answer ONE before getting frustrated and giving up. Class doesn’t even start until Monday…

-got in a bit of writing and editing.

-cooked low carb biscuits (surprisingly good) and chicken kale soup, plus wrote a post about it.

-reviewed The Night Market, The Immortalists, An Eye for an Eye, and Before I Let Go.

-read An Eye for an Eye, This is Not a Love Letter, started and discarded What the Valley Knows, and started Intraterrestrial. Note: This is Not a Love Letter almost broke me. I was sobbing at the end. I’ve seen mixed reviews, so it may have just been a matter of me reading it at the right time, but it dealt with race, mental issues, and other fun things in a small town.

-got in 3 short-ish workouts. By which I mean 30 minutes of running/walking intervals.

I think that’s about it for me.



4 thoughts on “week in review: it’s all a blur

  1. Always jealous – and impressed – with your ability to read so much through a week. I am only really able to read for 5-10 minutes without falling asleep, it seems. Ah well, its still a relaxing activity. I know who to come to for book reviews though. Thanks!

  2. Media and terrorism…what an interesting sounding class. I’m curious to see what you learn. I’m adding This is Not a Love Letter to my list now. I’ll try to read it between some light hearted reads.

    What an impressive week. Also a three hour meeting. Ouch.

  3. They offered this class last spring, but it was my first semester of grad school, so I thought I should wait. Now I’m beyond glad I did, since my classmates are almost all PhD candidates…I really did enjoy This is Not a Love Letter, but it emotionally wrecked me. As did that 3-hour meeting…

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