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week in review: a jungle of sadness


Linking up with Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets for the Week in Review.

I’m not going to lie: this has been an extremely rough week. Being around people has been very difficult for me. I found out last Saturday that my boyfriend was taking a job out-of-state. He left this past Friday. So, yeah. Not a good week for me. Fortunately, the Saint and my BFF, Super Mom, have been there for me all week, supportive ears and shoulders to cry on. I’m…surviving.

I’ll be okay. I’m just really, really tired.

This week, I worked around 45 hours at the job.

Got re-certified in CPR for like the 10th time (job requirement).

Got in only one short workout. (I’ll do better next week.)

Got all my homework completed and submitted on time. (Major victory.)

Cooked some things. Ate some pasta. Which was to die for.


Reviewed White Chrysanthemum, The Night Child, and The Hazel Wood.

Read The Night Child, Lullaby Road, The Hazel Wood, and part of The Gone World. Lullaby Road was a dang good read, and The Hazel Wood was enthralling (if you like dark fantasy). It was a good reading week.

Watched Jumanji, which I found hilarious.

That’s it for me.


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