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week in review: races


Linking up with Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets for the Week in Review.

I survived the week. This is a huge accomplishment. And I took quite a few pictures.

Work was work. I ended up working a short (10-hour) day Wednesday because bad weather/sleet moved in, and we sent the patients home early for their safety. And Friday was only 8 hours because the BFF and I had to do packet pickup.

The Cowtown was this weekend. We did the half marathon today (Sunday), and, because we’re crazy/stupid/gluttons for punishment, we did a 5k yesterday, too, as part of the Cowtown Challenge. I took lots of pics (and video, but that’s for school).

It’s been raining/sleeting/snowing here since Wednesday morning. That included Saturday, but the rain stopped about 45 minutes prior to race time, and held off until about 5 minutes after we finished. (Seriously. They moved everyone inside the expo building because of thunderstorms, and postponed the next race for about 2 hours.)


Sunday had a half-marathon, a full, and an ultra. There were SO MANY PEOPLE!


We ran through the Stockyards.


And the hill at mile 9 is brutal. (This pic is about half a mile out from the bottom.)


We did get some nice bling (and shirts), though. The rainbow medal is for the Challenge.

celebration meal

Then we staggered/winced/complained our way to the car and went to get lunch. Tortilla soup and spinach chicken quesadilla from El Fenix for the win! (The quesadilla is excellent leftover, straight out of the fridge.)

Now I’m at home trying not to move too much. In addition to soreness, I have a slight sunburn.

I also read The Liar’s Girl, Tess of the Road, and Blunt Force Magic. I reviewed the first two, and will review the last one. The Liar’s Girl is an interesting murder mystery about a girl whose boyfriend was a serial killer…and when bodies start showing up again 10 years later, he’ll only talk to her about the case. Tess of the Road is a fantasy about a girl who bucks the (very sexist) system and sets out to find happiness (and the World Serpent). And Blunt Force Magic is a gritty urban fantasy that I immensely enjoyed! I reviewed Tess, The Liar’s Girl, and The Belles.

Alright, that’s it for me. I’m off to soak in a hot bath again.


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