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week in review: conquering my fears


Linking up with Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets for the Week in Review.

This was kind of a crazy week. Or, at least it felt crazy. I worked…I don’t know, somewhere around 45 hours this week. 15 1/2 of those hours were Friday. Yeah…My feet still hurt. Even more when I followed up on Saturday with an 8-mile hike…

I got in five workout last week! Strength training twice, three sessions on the treadmill, and two outside workouts.

Saw this lovely sunrise Saturday morning as we were starting out:


(Too bad I missed a picture of the herd of about 20 deer that were present minutes before.)

Also saw my favorite flowers, Indian Paintbrushes!


A sure sign of springtime in Texas!

I reviewed Rosie Colored Glasses and In Sight of Stars. I started—and stopped—reading Protgenesis. And I started re-reading Lady Midnight. Also finished my monthly selections of Wreck My Life, Go: A Coming of Age Novel, and The Good Earth.

I watched I Can Only Imagine, which was a great movie! I love that song.

For school this week, my assignment was to ask 20 different strangers one of two questions—one a serious one about a current event and one meant to be humorous—and edit the responses together into a Man on the Street interview piece.

You should know I hate talking to strangers and I’m shy. This was basically my idea of hell. #truestory

My BFF and I ended up at an Earth Day event (like, WAY early—almost four weeks) on Saturday in the Fort Worth Water Gardens, and she acted as my camera-person as I gathered my nerve and accosted random people.

Spoiler alert:  I lived. Also, it was almost 90-freaking-degrees on Saturday and I was in jeans and almost melted. So we went to eat pho, then took a field trip to Central Market where I probably bought things I didn’t need. Like dolmas. And some sunflower seed crackers that are to die for. And fresh figs (my mother LOVES these).


Now I’m hungry. I need to go find something to graze on. Have a great week!


3 thoughts on “week in review: conquering my fears

  1. Well…. well done doing something that is so uncomfortable for you. I remember when I was young I was terrified – absolutely terrified – of using the phone. Picking up the receiver to dial the number was excruciating. I can imagine talking to strangers is the same kind of thing.

    And geez louise 15 hours. That in itself counts for 5 workouts, I’d say! Glad you survived! I hope this week has a bit more time for feet up.

    1. Thanks! After the first couple of people, it got way easier. Sort of. You know, sometimes I STILL put off making phone calls. You’d think I’d grow out of that…Thanks for reading!

  2. Despite all the working hours and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, it sounds like a kind of marvelous week. Lots of tasty eats, new challenges, sunrises and spring flowers. I’m past ready for spring over here.

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