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week in review: conquering my fears


Linking up with Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets for the Week in Review.

This was kind of a crazy week. Or, at least it felt crazy. I worked…I don’t know, somewhere around 45 hours this week. 15 1/2 of those hours were Friday. Yeah…My feet still hurt. Even more when I followed up on Saturday with an 8-mile hike…

I got in five workout last week! Strength training twice, three sessions on the treadmill, and two outside workouts.

Saw this lovely sunrise Saturday morning as we were starting out:


(Too bad I missed a picture of the herd of about 20 deer that were present minutes before.)

Also saw my favorite flowers, Indian Paintbrushes!


A sure sign of springtime in Texas!

I reviewed Rosie Colored Glasses and In Sight of Stars. I started—and stopped—reading Protgenesis. And I started re-reading Lady Midnight. Also finished my monthly selections of Wreck My Life, Go: A Coming of Age Novel, and The Good Earth.

I watched I Can Only Imagine, which was a great movie! I love that song.

For school this week, my assignment was to ask 20 different strangers one of two questions—one a serious one about a current event and one meant to be humorous—and edit the responses together into a Man on the Street interview piece.

You should know I hate talking to strangers and I’m shy. This was basically my idea of hell. #truestory

My BFF and I ended up at an Earth Day event (like, WAY early—almost four weeks) on Saturday in the Fort Worth Water Gardens, and she acted as my camera-person as I gathered my nerve and accosted random people.

Spoiler alert:  I lived. Also, it was almost 90-freaking-degrees on Saturday and I was in jeans and almost melted. So we went to eat pho, then took a field trip to Central Market where I probably bought things I didn’t need. Like dolmas. And some sunflower seed crackers that are to die for. And fresh figs (my mother LOVES these).


Now I’m hungry. I need to go find something to graze on. Have a great week!

3 thoughts on “week in review: conquering my fears

  1. Well…. well done doing something that is so uncomfortable for you. I remember when I was young I was terrified – absolutely terrified – of using the phone. Picking up the receiver to dial the number was excruciating. I can imagine talking to strangers is the same kind of thing.

    And geez louise 15 hours. That in itself counts for 5 workouts, I’d say! Glad you survived! I hope this week has a bit more time for feet up.

    1. Thanks! After the first couple of people, it got way easier. Sort of. You know, sometimes I STILL put off making phone calls. You’d think I’d grow out of that…Thanks for reading!

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