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things I’ve enjoyed this week

I have fifteen tabs—exactly, no exaggeration—on my browser right now. Mostly things I’ve read and enjoyed, or things I want to try. One Nat Geo video that I loved.

A few things I found intriguing this week:

this rather complex article about the correct order to apply skin care products in. (Um…I’d have to write this down for reference if I were using this many products.) #trustory

-a beautiful Nat Geo video about whale sharks. When I saw whale sharks two years ago at the Atlanta aquarium, I was mesmerized!


intriguing post from Cassie at Wholefully about what she drinks in the morning. (The past two days, I’ve had warm lemon water. Going to give it a week, and see if I notice any changes.)

-this recipe for cauliflower tortillas I saw on Recipe Girl. Planning on making this this week.

-cool interview with Erin from Erin’s Inside Job. She’s pretty inspirational.

-and this post with tips to improve your handwriting. (I’ll admit, this one seems random, but I still have issues with my handwriting, even five years post-stroke.)


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