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week in review: an unremarkable week

Linking up with Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets for the Week in Review.


Is it sad I have to look at my planner to remember what I did this week? Maybe a little. I’m okay with that.

-I worked a straight 40 hours of varied craziness/juggling multiple tasks at a time, and survived with my sanity relatively intact.

-I meal-prepped, and then proceeded to eat random combinations of food.

At least there were veggies involved.

-I mailed a textbook back WITHOUT PROCRASTINATING (the truly remarkable accomplishment).

–I took a nap Thursday morning on the couch with the windows open, while it was storming and very dark outside. Perfect napping weather.

-I also got at least 8 hours of actual sleep three times this week! That hasn’t happened all year. Thank you, Ionic, for depressing me with your sleep-tracking abilities.

-went to church on Saturday with the Saint, then hung out at Starbucks for like 3 hours afterwards, chilling and chatting. #itsthelittlethings

-I saw Avengers:  Infinity War and am now traumatized.

-started three books and left them unfinished:  The Pisces, Only Human, and Unbreakable. I’ve seen a lot of buzz about The Pisces, but I found the main character so unlikable and annoyingly self-absorbed that I couldn’t make it past 10%. Read all of Paper Ghosts, and reviewed Circe and Song of Blood and Stone, both of which you should read! Also blogged about what I read in April.

-wrote a post about things I’ve enjoyed this week on the internet.



4 thoughts on “week in review: an unremarkable week

  1. Hooray for lots of good sleep and naps. I had nine hours last night and it was delicious and very necessary after my weekend of debauchery.

    Oh and I always need my planner to remember what happened, that and I look at photos in my phone and hope for some memory jogging. 🙂

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