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weekly update

I’ve really been struggling lately with the healthy eating/exercise thing. One day will be good, the next day will be horrible. Exhaustion. Busyness. Lack of motivation. I’m fighting all of that, all while being surrounded at work by people who never eat healthy–and my company likes to buy meals!

Here lately, that’s been adding up to disaster on my healthy living front, but I’m trying to make a concerted effort to make small steps towards improvement.

Two weeks ago, I thought salads would be a good meal prep idea.

That lasted for…um, maybe three meals throughout the week.

Last week was baked chicken and black-eyed peas…and then my company bought lunch two out of three days, and the third day was a birthday celebration for a new teammate, complete with cupcakes that I had to buy.

Workouts were mostly non-existent. I did do a six-mile hike on some new-to-me trails last Sunday.

Pretty tough hike, beautiful scenery, great friends. Great training for our Rim-to-Rim endeavor.

I also started training on the treadmill with a pack. Twenty minutes with a 20-pound pack=a LOT of effort.


The rest of the week, I’ve been pretty lazy/tired. Not much sleep at night due to some long late-night phone conversations, so there have been a few naps thrown in.

This weekend, I have spent some time in the kitchen. Made an almond flour pizza crust that was pretty tasty, and these cauliflower tortillas, which were very good!

My schedule is crazy for the rest of the month, with two trips to New Orleans and my church’s women’s conference, so it will be challenging to stick to anything consistently. My plan is to aim for low (processed) carb meals whenever possible, intermittent fasting, and being as active as possible.

Okay. Time to meal prep for this short-ish week (the conference starts Thursday evening-Saturday at 11 a.m., my flight to New Orleans leaves around 3-ish, and I get back on Tuesday evening). I’m making this spinach artichoke chicken recipe.



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