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week in review: on a jet plane


Linking up with Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets for the Week in Review.

The last two weeks have been super busy.

Two weeks ago, I worked Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, then spent Thursday evening through Saturday at noon at my church’s women’s conference, Pink Impact.


The theme for the conference was “Fearless,” and the speakers included Todd White (wow), Priscilla Shirer (love her), and Christine Caine.


The conference was fantastic, and I already have my tickets for next year. Also, Pastor Robert made his first public appearance since he almost died in April, to pray for the conference, as he has every single year.

Saturday afternoon, Baby Brother and I flew out to New Orleans.


We headed to the House of Seafood as soon as we got off the plane, where my nephew was excited to try “shells” (oysters). He actually loved them, much to his dad’s disgust. That’s my boy!

Last Monday, my dad had surgery.


He actually had four different procedures done:  two different ones for carpal tunnel, a fusion on his lower back (#3), and titanium rods and cages put around his spine. The surgery ended up taking two hours longer than expected, and they couldn’t control his pain so he was in recovery for four hours. It was a LONG day!

The surgery went well, and he was up and walking a bit on Tuesday, before we flew home. He continued to have severe pain, but it improved, and they moved him to rehab on Friday. He did way too much on Saturday, and spent Sunday pretty medicated due to pain. My grandmother was also hospitalized last week, but she’s doing better and is also in rehab. (Too bad they can’t get a group rate.)

Our flight was delayed twice Tuesday night, so I got home around midnight. I wasn’t much use at work on Wednesday, but almost 9 hours of sleep helped.

Thursday I got labs drawn for my pulmonology appointment in two weeks, and also had a hair appointment.

Friday was my birthday. My mom sent me flowers.


My awesome coworkers spoiled me, and we ordered lunch, and they gave me this:

They know me well! The Star Wars bag (because I love Star Wars and I was born the day it came out in theaters 41 years ago!) had colored pens and two journals. I also got several candles. They’re such a great group, and I love them.

Lots of relaxation on the agenda for this weekend. Baby Brother took me to see Solo (much better than I expected) and for lunch, then I pretty much napped and chilled the rest of the weekend.

I’ve reviewed Elektra’s Adventures in Tragedy, The Way You Make Me Feel, The Crossing, How to Walk Away, and Furyborn.

I’ve also finished reading Neanderthal Opens the Door to the Universe, City of Bastards, The Question of Red, The Handmaid’s Tale, and stopped reading Blood Will Out and Anger is a Gift.

I’m supposed to work Monday and Wednesday this week, then head back to NOLA on a road trip, to celebrate the my five-year survival anniversary on Friday.

That’s it for me.


6 thoughts on “week in review: on a jet plane

  1. You had a busy week! Love New Orleans. I am jealous of anyone who gets to go! 😉 I have visited several times, but always with kids. Now that we are empty nesters, I would love to go back, just hubby and me. Am also looking forward to seeing Solo. I watched the original Star Wars last night in anticipation.

  2. So busy. Happy belated birthday! That’s amazing about the Star Wars release day being your day of birth… meant to be. You also have awesome co workers.

    Some definite stress and worry revolving your family… that would have been an extremely long day for your father, and the rest of you. I really hope the rest of his rehab and recovery goes smoothly, and with less pain. Same to your grandmother. Wishing all of you my best!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday. I love you born on the day Star Wars was released in theaters. It’s very fitting.

    I’m sorry to hear about your Dad and Grandma although I’m glad they’re both doing a bit better now. I’ll continue to send good and healing vibes their way.

    I love New Orleans. It’s unlike any place I’ve been.

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