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week in review: nature re-charge

Linking up with Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets for the Week in Review.


Last week was a bit better than the previous week, but I’m still so exhausted. zzz…


-worked 2 days at the day job. Fairly productive, although Wednesday was both chaotic and stressful, as the boss and I were both working the floor.

-polished and submitted my first assignment for my Community and Civic Journalism class. Started work on the next one. Also managed to get into a class for fall that I was wait-listed for.

-dragged all the boxes of stuff out of my spare closet (full of stuff I need to sort and list on eBay), as well as re-arranged the spare room, making room for something that will hopefully fit in my room (my great-grandmother’s 100+ year-old sewing machine table).

-some miscellaneous computer organizational stuff that soothes my OCD/organizational tendencies.

-cleaned out the fridge and baked a new-to-me breakfast casserole my dad sent me the recipe for.

breakfast bake

-read Olympian Challenger, The Last Cruise, and Baby Teeth (that one was a bit creepy). Reviewed the first two.

-got in 2 short cardio sessions (10 minutes on the treadmill each. Don’t judge me…), one 4-mile walk, and a 4-hour, 10-mile hike at the Fort Worth nature Center (all workouts with a 15-poud pack). We used different trails this time, and it was nice:

And, that’s about it for me.


4 thoughts on “week in review: nature re-charge

  1. I’m envious of you doing “miscellaneous computer organizational stuff.” This is something that’s been on my mental list for YEARS including updating my music and still it sits….sigh.

    Kudos to the workouts. No judgement here. Ten minutes is better than no minutes, plus packing walking. Geesh, you’re a bad ass.

    1. No, actually, the Grand Canyon hike is in less than 3 months, so I’m SUPER motivated right now. Also, you get used to the weight/pack. I don’t notice it anymore.

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