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week in review: tired

Linking up with Meghan at Clean Eats Fast Feets for the Week in Review.


I haven’t been in the best mood lately. Hence my absence last week, and my brevity this week. Just dealing with some stuff.

Staffing issues at work, so I’ve been working the floor AND doing my office work.

I’ve been reading a lot, though. in the past two weeks, I’ve finished reading Do Something Beautiful, Fruit of the Drunken Tree, Darkwater Secrets, The Late Bloomers’ Club (lovely read), The Impossibility of Us, The Outsiders (love Stephen King), The Dark Beneath the Ice (creepy), and Someone I Used to Know. I also reviewed Cottage by the Sea.

The summer semester is about over, and I finally got my financial aid award for fall. One of my two classes has seven textbooks. #funtimes

Last Sunday, we got in a 12-mile walk, then my BFF moved, and I spent the afternoon helping.

Saw this friendly face:

hi y'all

And I might have had a sip of this, which really tastes like syrup. Except, you know, alcoholic.

Literally a sip, because curiosity.

Got some new shoes to try out for this weekend:

new shoes

Update: shoes worked great for 8 miles, but I switched shoes then to give my feet a break. Ended up with this:

… and also this when we finished:


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