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week in review: my relaxation looks different than yours

Linking up with Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets for the Week in Review.


After that 16-mile hike last Sunday, I was exhausted on Monday, so I only worked 11 hours or so. Then went home and slept a solid 4 hours…got up briefly, and went back to bed. #noguilt

Did my usual W/F work schedule, working the floor on Friday for a teammate who had a day off. I do love my patients.

Did some reading for my fall classes—Media Research & Analysis and Story, Pop Culture, and Worldview—one of which has doctoral students in it as well (possibly both). Here’s the tricky bit:  the Grand Canyon trip is the first week in October, so I need to work ahead if at all possible, so I don’t have homework to do on the trip. And, I actually need to do two weeks’ worth of work ahead of time, as the trip is from a Wednesday night through a Tuesday evening. Fun times. Wish me luck. I DO already have the first two weeks’ reading done in one class, and the first week’s in the other. Starting the next week’s reading this week. I SHOULD be three weeks ahead in reading for one class, and two weeks ahead in the other when class starts next Monday. Hooray for avoiding procrastination! Two weeks after I get back from the Grand Canyon, we’re doing a family vacation in Corpus Christi/Padre Island, during Fall Break, so hopefully working ahead won’t be super necessary. Except for that paper that’s due…

I had what was supposed to be a therapeutic massage for my back on Thursday, which ended up being more of a Swedish massage with a focus on my back. I’m not exactly complaining, just trying to stay ahead of the back pain with the hike only a bit over 6 weeks away!

Finished reading Brave Enough, How to Grow, and The Big Fat Surprise. I might have cried a tiny bit in the first one, but it was SO good! (review forthcoming.)How to Grow was good, with a great conversational tone. And The Big Fat Surprise surprised me. Lots of food for thought in that one. Reviewed How to Grow and #murdertrending.

Had a slight fender-bender Saturday evening. I was sitting at a red light and an 18-wheeler decided to take a turn he didn’t have room for…because “I thought she was going to back up.” (That’s what he told the cops.) Seriously, dude? Busy intersection, cars everywhere, and you thought I was going to back up? He caught the front of Belle as he turned. 😦


Company truck, and I’ll be speaking to them on Monday. (Does anyone know if I need to report this to my insurance company? Police were called, but not enough damage for a report—pfft—and the driver says his company will pay for repairs w/o involving his insurance company. I do have a pic of his insurance and driver’s license, in addition to phone numbers, etc.)

I’ve stuck to keto/low-carb all week, and did a ton of meal prep on Saturday.

Roasted radishes (taste a lot like potatoes!), chicken and cheesy cauliflower rice with poblano peppers casserole (recipe coming soon), and low-carb creamy chicken taco soup. One word:  YUM!

After the car fiasco, The Saint and I hit up Drake’s Yolk for a tasty cheese board, and a brisket salad.

I’m not generally a fan of the idea of brisket on a salad, but this was really good! Then we went to see The Spy Who Dumped Me, which was actually hysterically funny. It looked like an uncooked croissant. I’ll probably never get that image out of my head….


4 thoughts on “week in review: my relaxation looks different than yours

  1. So sorry to hear about your fender bender. My opinion – I would not involve your insurance company unless you have to. I am not a lawyer, though.

    I do wish you luck as you work ahead, planning for your Grand Canyon trip. You are BUSY, woman!

    1. Thanks! So far, I’m just waiting for an estimate on damages. I spoke with the company of the guy who hit me yesterday, and they’re not sure if they’ll go through insurance or not.

  2. Tasty cheese boards are my favorite, although I’m not sure they’re worth a car accident to get one. Definitely report it to your insurance and I’m glad no one was hurt.

    You have a hell of schedule coming up and your non-procrastination ways are so very impressive. Go get ’em.

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