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week in review: time off

Linking up with Meghan at Clean Eats Fast Feets for the week in review.


Last week, I:

-only worked 2 days! (My “normal” workweek is MWF.) My awesome boss asked me on Monday if I wanted to take Friday off, because I was having my usual first-week-of-school anxiety, and I was all over that! So, I was off Thursday-Sunday. Working Labor Day, though, because health care. 🙂

-I (accidentally) picked up a new, regional responsibility at work. It was supposed to be “in name only”…but the national team recently changed the requirements. Lucky me. I’ll be learning some new stuff, so that part is cool. Ish.

-got all my Week 1 assignments done, a large Week 2 assignment done (Annotated Bibliography, ugh), and several smaller Week 2 things, as well as the reading from Week 5 for one class and week 4 for another (I just can’t afford to not be a couple weeks ahead this semester, with the Grand Canyon trip next month + a family vacation.). Type A personality in full effect.

-finished reading Plague Land:  Reborn (Meh.), The Matrimonial Advertisement (Really enjoyed this historical romance, SO not my usual fare.),and Who’s Afraid of Postmodernism? (The joys of grad school reading.)

-reviewed The Phantom Tree (A time-travel/historical I very much enjoyed.) The 7 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle (Truthfully, I’m still not sure what to think of this one. Can someone please read it so we can discuss?),  Plague Land:  Reborn, and talked about What I Read in August (The short answer is:  19 books.)

-did a quick 10 miles on Sunday with the BFF. 20 miles on the agenda next Saturday!

-went to REI and Whole Foods. Twice. For Grand Canyon supplies and some keto-esque goodies.

(Not pictured:  the goodies I acquired on my second trip. Ahem.)

-Made keto cereal/granola.

keto cereal

-Made skillet pizza, which really killed a pizza craving, and Italian baked eggs (twice).

-Ate my only non-keto meal in 3 weeks:

(That’s a CUP of soup, btw. Not pictured:  chips, tortillas, and the chocolate bar I had 2 hours later. 10 miles made me hungry!) Baby Brother and I also saw The Happytime Murders. Don’t. Waste. Your. Time. Horrible movie!

-and a steak kabob, roasted veggies, and a delicious coleslaw with feta and a kicky vinaigrette dressing from Zoe’s Kitchen. (This meal WAS keto-friendly, except for possibly the marinade on the steak.)

steak kabob

That’s it for me. Happy Labor Day!


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