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week in review: rim-to-rim

Linking up with Meghan at Clean Eats Fast Feets for the week in review.


I’ve been MIA for a bit. Too busy. But, since I last posted, I:

-hiked the Grand Canyon, rim-to-rim, in less than 24 hours! (21 1/2 hours, to be exact). We encountered thunderstorms, 4 hours of rain, dropping temps, snow, and possible hypothermia (seriously). The trail out was muddy, ankle-deep in water some places, and the rain had created three different waterfalls we had to go through…and then the temps dropped.

We almost didn’t make it out.

But we did.

That’s all I’ve got. Still recuperating. I was already getting sick by the time we made it to the top…into a snowstorm. The massage in Vegas helped, but I’m still exhausted.


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