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week in review: food

Linking up with Meghan at Clean Eats Fast Feets for the week in review.


Last week was a little bit crazy. A lot crazy. Coming back from a full week off—and having been working the floor (instead of my “real” job) for the past six weeks—well, I’m way behind. I only had to work the floor for a couple of hours Monday morning, then it was back to the office, with clinic going on in the morning, and our monthly meetings with the doctors at both clinics. #funtimes

Friday, the day after my boss had all-day meetings with the big bosses, she’s telling me everything we need to be working on and stops mid-sentence to say “Oh! Yesterday the Regional VP was talking about you.” So…lots to think about after the resulting conversation.


I did school stuff. Worked exactly 40 hours in 3 days (no room in the budget for OT), and read a lot. Cooked a bit. That’s about it. Lots of resting this weekend because of too.much.peopling.

I got in a single workout. Pfft. Gotta get the healthy-living thing back together.

Oh. And we did the costume thing at the job. Yes, most of us are foods, and more than one of us has a bad fake mustache on. Don’t ask.


One thought on “week in review: food

  1. Sounds like exciting things are coming your way work-wise. Good for you! Loved the pic of you and co-workers in your Halloween finest! đŸ™‚

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