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week in review: books and food

Linking up with Meghan at Clean Eats Fast Feets for the week in review.


Honestly, this week has been kind of a blur. I’m writing two papers for school, and I interviewed people for one of them. Work has been both busy and crazy. So…pretty much normal. I hibernated inside my apartment all last weekend. The autumn season change always triggers my depression, and I’m just peopled out.

I did do a bit of cooking last weekend.

Meatballs for a meatball casserole, egg drop soup, low carb cheese biscuits, and banana-less banana muffins (made with banana essence instead and they turned out really good!).

Books I Read: Fury, Nightingale, Love in Catalina Cove, Forbidden, and Embolden. I’m also currently reading Around the World in 80 Days, AHA, Pride, and Unequal Affections (the last two are both Pride and Prejudice re-tellings, so that’s interesting.).

Book Reviews:

Love in Catalina Cove, The Darkest StarUmbertouched (Fantastic read!), and The Traveling Cat Chronicles(Great read, but it made me cry.).


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