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week in review: back…(from outer space)…

Linking up with Meghan at Clean Eats Fast Feets for the week in review.


I’ve been MIA for a while. Like, since mid-November. I just got bored with the same-old “I worked, did homework, and read books” posts, so I stopped writing them. I’m planning to be a bit more active now, after my break.

But, here’s a couple of pics from my break:

Last week, I:

-worked my usual/old schedule of about 14 hours on Monday, went in for an hour on Tuesday (Yes, New Year’s Day. It’s healthcare. Our patients don’t always adhere to holidays.), and worked about 13 hours on Wednesday (my new schedule was supposed to start this week, but it didn’t, and bad weather moved in on Wednesday. There was a chance of icy weather—and Texans can’t drive in that crap. It didn’t, just really cold and rainy, but still.).

-I enjoyed a long weekend, Thursday-Sunday. I just wanted a little break before school starts next week.

-indulged in some self-care, in the form of getting my nails done. I’ve been doing this once a month since October.

-started taking care of some crappy personal issues (like, 15 minutes after I discovered said issues, I was on the issue…but it’ll take months, and a lawyer to resolve. Sigh…)

-had lunch with Baby Brother.

-continued “quieting” (from Cozy Minimalist Home) my apartment by clearing all the knickknacks off the living room shelves… (ahem—the new living room shelves)



after, with Cian chilling in the background

It’s a slow process, but it really makes me feel so much better! I also put up new curtains in the living room, instead of the heavy black blackout ones I had before:

pre-nap pic in my newly airy living room

I also ordered a lovely piece of art for the living room, but it’s not ready yet and I have to prep/frame the canvas when it arrives (if anyone knows how to do that…help would be appreciated) and a smaller piece for the bathroom:

I really wish my apartment walls were white.

I also cleaned out the bathroom cabinets and my closet. A ways to go, but less stuff makes me feel much more calm.

-meal-prepped like crazy, to the tune of ket/low-carb lasagna (including making the noodles, which turned out super yummy.) and steak and cilantro-lime rice for burrito bowls.

-got in 3 cardio sessions (a big deal, wince I had major back problems last week and couldn’t do a thing because of the pain) and 6 mini strength sessions, plus back stretches most days.

Books I Read: An Anonymous Girl, White Stag, and The Perfect Liar. I loved White Stag, and thought it was a fantastic, dark fantasy in a fascinating world, but I do not recommend the other two, because I just didn’t like any of the characters. (Yet I finished both books, so there must have been something appealing about the books.)

Book Reviews:  The Me I Meant to Be and The Similars. I also talked about writing, what I read in December (18 books), and what I read in 2018 (192 books).


3 thoughts on “week in review: back…(from outer space)…

  1. You got a lot accomplished last week! I can’t believe you got 192 books read in 2018. That’s amazing! Congratulations. You must have learned so much. Thanks for sharing your reviews.

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