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breaking the holding pattern

First, if you’re even the slightest bit interested in running, beating drug/alcohol abuse, adventure racing, and/or overcoming struggles in your life, you should read Running Man by Charlie Engle. Fantastic read! Review up over on my writing blog. I got a little bit derailed by pizza yesterday, (Okay, a lot derailed), but I’m eating clean… Continue reading breaking the holding pattern

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weekend workouts #13

I hit all of my cardio workouts this week!  (Missed strength training on Tuesday, but I did add in push-ups yesterday, so that semi-counts, right?) I’m really liking the new My Asics training plan. Like, a lot! I think the intervals in the C25k plan helped me build up to running…but those intervals were using… Continue reading weekend workouts #13

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good news

First, the good news: saw my doctor this morning. He says my labs looked better than they ever have, and he’s thrilled with my progress. My cholesterol readings—both of them—are even below the lower limit for the healthy cholesterol range. (Funny to me, as I haven’t been watching that at all, since I’m on a… Continue reading good news

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week in review: finals week

Linking up with Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets for the blogroll. So, this was finals week for my Writing Commercial Fiction class. That kept me pretty occupied. I had a 3,000-word short story to finish revising and submit, plus the discussion boards were due earlier than normal. Just waiting on my grades now. I’m… Continue reading week in review: finals week

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weekend workouts #12

The joint workout did not happen yesterday, so I hit the gym by myself for the Week 1, Day 2 of the 10k training plan. Yes, I did keep walking a few extra seconds so the calories-burned display would read 500. I can’t lie; being that close kicked my OCD into gear. Instead of the 4… Continue reading weekend workouts #12

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Fourteen weeks in, and I’ve lost 25 pounds! I’m pretty pleased with that. Hopefully, next week, I’ll hit 27.5 pounds, which is the halfway point to my goal. Some weeks, I haven’t lost anything, or I’ve gained a bit back. Some weeks I’ve lost less than half a pound. But all the hard work has… Continue reading 25