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week in review: it’s too much

I’m linking up with Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets for the Week in Review. Last week, I… -spent a lot of time in prayer and or worried for a long-time friend/patient who had open heart surgery on Thursday. He was off the vent and responsive on Friday, but Saturday they put him back on… Continue reading week in review: it’s too much

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weekly review: the truth hurts

From July 6th of last year to around mid-October, I made huge changes in my diet and exercise routine (which had been mostly slim to none before that). I started running with the Couch to 5k app, cut out processed carbs for the most part, and lost 28 pounds, ran a 5k trail run, and… Continue reading weekly review: the truth hurts

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weekend workouts #13

I hit all of my cardio workouts this week!  (Missed strength training on Tuesday, but I did add in push-ups yesterday, so that semi-counts, right?) I’m really liking the new My Asics training plan. Like, a lot! I think the intervals in the C25k plan helped me build up to running…but those intervals were using… Continue reading weekend workouts #13

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mountains out of molehills

Before I forget:  does anyone know a good half-marathon training app to use? I’m going to need one pretty soon, so thanks in advance. I got up pretty early today to hit the gym before having labs drawn at 8 a.m. (because I knew I’d be starving when I finished that, and I didn’t want… Continue reading mountains out of molehills