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why “The Lord of the Rings” makes me feel better about working out

Is anyone else glad it’s Friday? I mean, I work tomorrow, but I’m still totally glad it’s Friday. So, my clinic finally got inspected/certified yesterday! Yay!  They found nothing reportable, which is awesome, of course. Hopefully, we’ll start admitting patients soon, and I won’t have to be traveling much. Also yay. Got in three good… Continue reading why “The Lord of the Rings” makes me feel better about working out


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so how’s that healthy-eating thing going?

Um…that is entirely hit or miss. I’ll do good for a meal or two, a day or so, then I jump off the wagon and have something completely not healthy. Sigh…I know it’s a learning process, a work-in-progress, but I get really frustrated with myself. I know stress is one of my triggers, and I’ve… Continue reading so how’s that healthy-eating thing going?

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now for some me time

The semester is finished, so, for the next three months, I’m free of schoolwork and can just focus on me. What does that look like? TBH, I’m not really sure, but I’m looking forward to finding out. On the agenda: 1) Get healthy. Healthier. That means fitness and eating right, with the goal of losing… Continue reading now for some me time

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So, I’m supposed to be training for the R2R Grand Canyon hike in May.  I’m not.  Not really.  I mean, I’m doing some light strength training twice a week, but that’s it.  (Confession:  I’ve done it twice so far.  Today will be three times.)  I’ve figured out what the problem is: (What I can’t figure… Continue reading oops

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I’m baaaack…..

Did you miss me?  No?  That’s cool. You’ve been busy, I’m sure, what with the holiday craziness and making New Years’ Resolutions you know you won’t keep.  Okay, maybe you’ll keep them.  I don’t know you that well (and why is that? Because you never comment! How am I supposed to get to know you… Continue reading I’m baaaack…..

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laziness or tiredness?

I’ve been lazy, lately. Not with the running. I did every scheduled workout. Granted, I didn’t keep up with the voice coaching, but I did them. I’ve had a little bit of pain from whatever was bothering me on my lower leg, but it hasn’t been too bad. I think the rest helped. Yesterday was… Continue reading laziness or tiredness?

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laziness, or as I like to call it, “recovery”

So, yeah.  It’s been months since I posted here.  I’d like to say it’s because I’ve been super-busy and I haven’t had time, and that’s partially true.  Work has been rough.  Working three 12-16 hour days a week is tough at any time, but P.S. (post-stroke)?  It’s beyond difficult.  Some days, all I really feel… Continue reading laziness, or as I like to call it, “recovery”

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No Sugar, No Grains

So, I’ve been doing some research/reading/thinking, lately.  I stumbled across this post, and it really intrigued me.  For my health–and my peace of mind–I need to lose some weight.  I’m not one one of those people who can just not eat.  Nope.  For one thing, that isn’t good of you, either.  For another, well, I… Continue reading No Sugar, No Grains

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What I never thought I’d say

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about goals.  Well, sort of, anyway.  Thanks to this post from Simply Stacia, I decided to start a little notebook of things I want to do, be, and have, and also to keep any inspirational things I run across in.  The funny thing is, when I tried to list… Continue reading What I never thought I’d say