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today is for gratitude (thinking out loud)

Linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for this bit of randomness. Okay, not randomness. Not to me. Today, June 1st, is my four-year survival anniversary. Four years ago, I had a major stroke, without warning, and I almost died. The doctors pretty much said I’d die. Fortunately, they weren’t the ones in control.… Continue reading today is for gratitude (thinking out loud)

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week in review: cats, cupcakes, and compadres

Linking up with Meghan, over at Clean Eats, Fast Feets today. Fairly productive week over here, this past week, with a few unexpected surprises thrown in for good measure. Got in all of my workouts for the week:  four cardio sessions, plus two strength-training sessions. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 65,000 steps for the week.… Continue reading week in review: cats, cupcakes, and compadres

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my life is NOT a box of chocolates

I missed Meghan’s weekly link-up party yesterday, but I have a good reason. Actually, several excellent reasons. The new school session just started. I put all of the due dates for my three classes into one single-spaced document…that is four pages long. Yep. No life. As if surviving that insanity isn’t going to be monumental… Continue reading my life is NOT a box of chocolates

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I’ve spent the past three hours going through boxes that have been in storage for years, as well as sorting through the contents of one bookshelf and deciding what to keep. Don’t worry, I’m not throwing any books away. I will, however, be taking a lot of them to Half Price Books. They’ll buy some… Continue reading downsizing

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week in review? nah. resolutions.

So, I haven’t made any New Year’s Resolutions in like 3 years. Initially, because my depression was bad at New Year’s (although  I have successfully kept my unspoken vow to NEVER contact the ex–and cause of the depression–ever again), then, when I was just over that, I had the stroke and life was pretty overwhelming… Continue reading week in review? nah. resolutions.

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freedom and forgiveness

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about a Freedom Ministry event I attended, and what my takeaways were. I’m not absolutely positive I can put this into words adequately, but I’m going to try, because this event made a huge difference for me. I started this blog a while back because I was struggling… Continue reading freedom and forgiveness