Dramatis Personae

Me (obviously)

Super Mom: My BFF, we’ve been friends since we were 7 years old. Sometimes, I think we have twin souls, we’re so much alike. And other times…well, she’s been married for almost 20 years and has two amazing kids. She works full-time, and the kids do everything, so she’s always headed to one practice or another, or a tournament, or a recital, or a play…we don’t get to see each other too often, since we’re both so busy, but that’s okay. Email is a Godsend. She’s pretty shy, unless you get her riled up–like me–will take my side no matter what, and has always, always been there for me.

The Diva/my sister: “Effervescent” is probably the word that fits best. Talkative. Hard-working. Likely to burst into song at any moment (And it’s always random. She’s like Pandora radio personified. One second, it’s 80s country, then it’s hip hop or something from The Lion King.). She loves to watch trashy reality TV. You can count on her for anything. She knows everyone. She picks up the accent of whomever she’s around. She’s a fantastic mother, would do anything for her husband or the rest of her “family” (which includes basically everyone she knows). She’s my sister in everything but blood and claims she’s a “white girl trapped in a black girl’s body.”

The Saint: I wouldn’t have made it this far through this darkness if it hadn’t been for her. She’s the one who always tells me “It’s going to be okay.” And means it. She has an unshakeable faith that I admire and strive to emulate. She’s tactful–if there’s a way around saying something ugly or hurtful, she’ll take it, but she won’t pull any punches, either. If I’m wrong, she’ll tell me I’m wrong (but she’ll still be on my side).

The Cynic: She’s the one with the “Kate vs Bella” theory. She’s opinionated, blunt, and sometimes rude, but she’s loyal to a fault, funny, cynical, dramatic, and one of the most supportive people I know. She’s an awesome mom, despite having never wanted kids, and is married to a man who puts up with her and doesn’t say a word.

MSFAM (a.k.a. My Sister From Another Mister): She takes opinionated and outspoken to a whole other level…If I want the unvarnished truth, I call her. Period. But she’d move heaven and earth for her children. She’d love to be married again, but she refuses to settle for anything less than exactly what she deserves (and demands that I do the same).

Boo: (Yep, that name is a personal joke.) She understands more than anyone how bad depression can be. She’s strong, so strong, but more quiet even than I am. I don’t understand why bad things continue happening to such a good person, but I would have cracked long ago under such pressure. She is ALWAYS supportive. Always. She has a dry sense of humor that matches my own demented sense of the absurd. She can make me laugh even when no one else can.

Baby Brother: My youngest brother. The most like me. He’s the most caring, dependable person you can imagine. He will ALWAYS be there for the people he cares about, and he goes the extra mile.

Bubba: My “oldest” brother (he’s 4 years younger than I am). He’s a redneck. Confrontational. Outspoken. He’s always been firmly of the opinion that Baby Brother and I got the brains, and he got the looks (And we are just as firmly of the opinion that he got the short end of that particular stick.). Father to the most adorable nephew ever, Noah.


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