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week in review: random accomplishments

I have actually accomplished some things this week, although I warn you:  these are really random accomplishments. No rhyme or reason around here…. Linking up with Meghan over at Clean Eats, Fast Feets. 1) I made the hour-and-a-half drive back from the airport after dropping my mother off , in a torrential downpour and flooding,… Continue reading week in review: random accomplishments

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week in review: a semi-vacation week

Linking up with Meghan over on Clean Eats, Fast Feets, so I can feel like I accomplished something last week. Warning:  it’s not much. The week before last, I worked 45+ hours in my 3-day-work-week, so I’m still kind of recovering from that. Including Memorial Day (at least that 13 hours was all OT pay.… Continue reading week in review: a semi-vacation week

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building consistency

So, as I mentioned yesterday, I joined a gym last week. I haven’t worked out in…okay, months, because of being so busy with school, but I had decided that working on my health and fitness would have priority this summer. (Yes, and I need to lose some weight, too, but I’m way more into the… Continue reading building consistency

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my life is NOT a box of chocolates

I missed Meghan’s weekly link-up party yesterday, but I have a good reason. Actually, several excellent reasons. The new school session just started. I put all of the due dates for my three classes into one single-spaced document…that is four pages long. Yep. No life. As if surviving that insanity isn’t going to be monumental… Continue reading my life is NOT a box of chocolates

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I’ve spent the past three hours going through boxes that have been in storage for years, as well as sorting through the contents of one bookshelf and deciding what to keep. Don’t worry, I’m not throwing any books away. I will, however, be taking a lot of them to Half Price Books. They’ll buy some… Continue reading downsizing

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simplifying is harder than it looks

One of my resolutions/goals for the year is “Continue to simplify.” I love to read books and blogs about people living in tiny houses and apartments, on getting rid of the extraneous things in your life, about de-cluttering….it all sounds so fresh and exciting. In practice, it’s really…hard. I have a confession to make:  I… Continue reading simplifying is harder than it looks