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so how’s that healthy-eating thing going?

Um…that is entirely hit or miss. I’ll do good for a meal or two, a day or so, then I jump off the wagon and have something completely not healthy. Sigh…I know it’s a learning process, a work-in-progress, but I get really frustrated with myself. I know stress is one of my triggers, and I’ve… Continue reading so how’s that healthy-eating thing going?

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I need (food) therapy

I have a very…erratic…relationship with food. Sometimes, I’ll be on point, meal-prepping and gung ho to eat healthy like it’s going out of style. Other times, the slightest whiff of stress or hunger and I’ll rip into greasy fast food like it’s the last meal on earth. There is no in-between, no balance. That’s not… Continue reading I need (food) therapy

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fat is a security blanket

There’s been a lot going on lately.  I’m dealing with some emotional issues related to the ex that I (might) feel like talking about soon.  For now, here’s the gist of conversations I’ve had recently with Super Mom and The Saint…. *** Why are we always trying to lose weight?  Obviously, because we need to. … Continue reading fat is a security blanket