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week in review: from NOLA, with love

Linking up with Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets for the Week in Review. The past two weeks have been full of more craziness. I’ll try to stick to the highlights. On May 31st, I drove down to New Orleans to see my Dad again—he was in rehab after surgery—and to celebrate the fifth anniversary… Continue reading week in review: from NOLA, with love

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weekly update

I’ve really been struggling lately with the healthy eating/exercise thing. One day will be good, the next day will be horrible. Exhaustion. Busyness. Lack of motivation. I’m fighting all of that, all while being surrounded at work by people who never eat healthy–and my company likes to buy meals! Here lately, that’s been adding up… Continue reading weekly update

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things I’ve enjoyed this week

I have fifteen tabs—exactly, no exaggeration—on my browser right now. Mostly things I’ve read and enjoyed, or things I want to try. One Nat Geo video that I loved. A few things I found intriguing this week: –this rather complex article about the correct order to apply skin care products in. (Um…I’d have to write… Continue reading things I’ve enjoyed this week

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3 ingredient pancakes (well, really four)

Yesterday morning, I woke up at 3 to get ready for work…but I was feeling pretty horrible. My head/sinuses were all congested, couldn’t breathe, drainage, you name it. Normally, we don’t have “extra” staff, so I’m accustomed to working even if I don’t feel 100%. Fortunately, this time we did, so I was able to… Continue reading 3 ingredient pancakes (well, really four)