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goals check-in

Since the year is more than halfway over (like, a month ago), I decided to do a brief re-cap of my progress on my personal goals for the year. They were: 1) Finish B.A. with all A’s. 2) Get to a healthy weight. 3) Run a half-marathon. 4) Continue to simplify. 5) Pay off Visa… Continue reading goals check-in

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paleo wannabe

As my life has been more chaotic than normal lately (work, school, the process of finding a house and preparing to move, upcoming vacation), health and fitness has been on the backburner.  I’m still reading some health blogs and storing up ideas for after vacation/moving, when I have time to think.  My plan then is… Continue reading paleo wannabe

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week in review: did I really accomplish anything?

I’m actually not sure what, if anything I managed to accomplish this week, but I’ll give it a shot: worked 3 days/36 hours on my feet.  Ugh. got in all my planned workouts for the week (four). managed to take a nap just before these killer storms hit maybe 30 miles from me.  Note to… Continue reading week in review: did I really accomplish anything?

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doing too much

In case you’re wondering where I’ve been (you know, all three of you that are reading this), I need to make a confession: I tend to over-commit myself. Basically, I need about 5 extra hours in every day to get everything done I need and/or want to do. Here’s a list of things I need… Continue reading doing too much

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what I didn’t get done this weekend…

You know, I have a really bad tendency to procrastinate. I also get easily distracted. Combine these two (rather unfortunate) traits, and you get lots of wasted time, or, lots of wondering just where the time went. Which means that there were a lot of things that I wanted to get done this weekend that… Continue reading what I didn’t get done this weekend…

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when did I become Suzy Homemaker?

…apparently, about 48 hours ago. Who knew? Not me. Here’s how I spent my weekend: Last weekend, while I was shopping-til-I-wanted-to-drop, I found this awesome new comforter. Red is my second favorite color, and I love Asian-inspired things, so it was a natural choice. Since I don’t have a headboard on my bed, I ordered… Continue reading when did I become Suzy Homemaker?