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positivity gets results…I hope

It’s been a rough couple of weeks–or months–as far as effort I’ve put out for my health. I just did a 2-week sugar reset challenge with Megan at Skinny Fitalicious that motivated me to get my act together. We have about 15 1/2 weeks until the Grand Canyon hike, and I’m not even remotely ready!… Continue reading positivity gets results…I hope

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easy, low-carb sausage balls

I’m all about meal-prepping. Life is busy. I don’t have time to cook every night. (Or every other night, for that matter.) Besides, I’m usually just cooking for me, so there’s not point in putting out a lot of effort for every meal. I try to meal prep for the week on Sundays. And I’m… Continue reading easy, low-carb sausage balls

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what’s on my mind

Trying to get my life together/organized. Not sure how that’s going at present… I found out that the guy I’m seeing wasn’t in Bangkok, he was actually here the entire time. Naturally, this did not make me any happier. At all. I’ve spoken to him a couple of times, but we haven’t actually talked about… Continue reading what’s on my mind