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enough or too much?

The past week, my life has been crazy. Not just crazy-busy, but full-on crazy. My boss–who I’ve been working for since January—turned in his notice. Somehow, I managed not to cry, but I’m far from happy over it, although I respect his decision, and his reasons. They jerked him around for months, overworked him, forced… Continue reading enough or too much?

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what I didn’t get done this weekend…

You know, I have a really bad tendency to procrastinate. I also get easily distracted. Combine these two (rather unfortunate) traits, and you get lots of wasted time, or, lots of wondering just where the time went. Which means that there were a lot of things that I wanted to get done this weekend that… Continue reading what I didn’t get done this weekend…

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personal growth means not wanting to strangle someone

You know what the best part about not being depressed anymore is? (Okay, not the BEST part, but certainly a perk.) Not wanting to strangle my fellow students every single time one of them does something stupid. I don’t like stupid people. Heck, I don’t like people in general. (Yes, I know it’s a problem.… Continue reading personal growth means not wanting to strangle someone