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when a mile feels like a marathon

Six months ago, I ran six miles like it wasn’t a big deal. (Not like super fast or anything, but I ran it without stopping or passing out.) Then I was injured for 3 months. Then I started trying to run again, and life and laziness kept getting in the way. So, here I am… Continue reading when a mile feels like a marathon


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Fourteen weeks in, and I’ve lost 25 pounds! I’m pretty pleased with that. Hopefully, next week, I’ll hit 27.5 pounds, which is the halfway point to my goal. Some weeks, I haven’t lost anything, or I’ve gained a bit back. Some weeks I’ve lost less than half a pound. But all the hard work has… Continue reading 25

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building consistency

So, as I mentioned yesterday, I joined a gym last week. I haven’t worked out in…okay, months, because of being so busy with school, but I had decided that working on my health and fitness would have priority this summer. (Yes, and I need to lose some weight, too, but I’m way more into the… Continue reading building consistency